Dude! I love your strap and binder storage pails! What a great idea. Some thoughts, based on my experiences. Get some spray foam and seal all the penetrations into the control box. Mice love to build nests in a place like that. Unless you use it almost every day, get a solar panel to keep the battery charged. The plug-in charger is most likely a low end unit that you cant leave plugged in without overcharging the battery. Good idea to seal the deck. Get a cover for the spare tire so it doesnt get killed by the sun. Looks like a good trailer that will serve you well.

How about a dead bolt for a gate,  to lock into that link turned the wrong way. Couldn't you have welded some steel to the two by fours underneath the back end of the trailer till u had enough weight. Nice job organizing the tie down equipment. I will be trying this system. Thanks. Nice trailer, Brian, but you moved the camera too much. It usually doesn't bother me, but I got motion sickness  watching it. Try not to move the camera quite as much next time. Hey #briansmobile1 I hope you are doing good Watching at your video, I would like to know if you can show me on your tilt trailer how is the hinge movement, the pivot made on this trailer I would like to make my own trailer, something like this you have Thanks.

Best be careful with the unibody. mist of those holes are for frame measurement for assembly and body/frame repair. they are not meant for winching or tie down. best to use an extra chain and hook both sides to the cross member then hook winch cable. Can you get electric jacks. Do you make this unit in a 40ft and do you think that the angle would be able to slide off a shipping container.


I've owned two PJ trailers now but what I would really like is a dual axle T1 with the mitered corners, bullnose bumper on the fixed deck, and electric or hydraulic disc brakes.





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