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Miss Nikki and the Tiger Girls



'Watch Miss Nikki and the Tiger Girls Online Hoyts' WHAT"A"Miss"Nikki"and"COOL"MOVIE. Watch Miss Nikki and the Tiger Online Freeform. Awesome. @kyawminthein hope your music industry be sucessful, guess u still can't make it, well they got talent hope yu realize that, you got to support those who try, don't bring them down, nobody ain't complete, if you like music you have to share, and support, by the way I ain't chicken shit, what's your freedom of speech why don't u tell Than Shwe, you don't have the gut that's why u came to US,don't come to America and talk about freedom of speech.

This is wayy toooooooooooooooo sucks! wtf. Ugly to the max. Looking. Miss Nikki and the Tiger Movie English Full Download. Individually they don't sound too bad, they need to work on harmony and singing together. also don't be like kpop show your true Myanmar selves. Good job. You guys are sooooo Amazing Keep it up girls Try your best for our country MYANMAR. Bagus sekali, cantik2 pula. they should come visit and perform in Indonesia. wkwk Salam sejahtera.