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Sumptuous. Finally on trending. Most awaited movie of this year. All the best poi paryo kale team. Is he a man or robot ? Anyway I know this is reverse.

Took me a minute to realized that it was in reverse

0:34 venom.


Love this song. 👌👏. गित उत्कृष्ट नाजिर Bro को अभिनय पनि उस्तै राम्रो. Song unbelievable enjoyful xa n music woow😱👏👏clap for both aanchal n najir dai dami dance.

This is the magnetic phenomenon. 逆再生でも面白いから高評価. Direction : Deepak Acharya. Super. RESPECT. 🙏✊✊. आचल शर्मा म्युजिक भिडियोमा यसै हिट त्यसैमाथी कार्टुन क्रुज भएछन फिट लौ है सम्पूर्ण टिमलाई शुभकामना म्याकुरीको पनि रैछ नि सानो बिट❣️ शर्मा जि प्युठान.

NÃO OSSO KSK ZMKLSAZZKEZSKSWPZSKQIWM ME FALOU COM ELE SMZKZMSLAPOASKSIE NÃO NÃO ME LADOSKZSMSK,S. Swanand kirkire 2 national award win already. in music lirics. Download cinema 4k chumbak movie. Poja ra aakash को फ्यान मात्र यता✋ गीत मन पर्ने हरु हित like 👍️👍️ ढिलो आयो तर कडा भन्दा धेरै कडा आयो गाथे गीत त😍😍😍. यो गित को प्रखाईमा बस्ने जती यता हाजिर गरमत‌. Amazing. Best video I've seen in a long time period. I could watch this all day. I feel like from watching this that aircraft or space can be fueled or propelled this way. I feel like it's already at use that way. But to be honest at it's highest level not by us humans.

Lets give najar this vdo views as his birthday gift plz 😍trending maa laaunu parxaa 😉love u najir. Don't understand Marathi but understood everything in this trailer. Awesome trailer. Hope it will be awesome movie. Looking forward to watch even in Marathi. 😊😊💐💐💐💐💐. I can tell he is reversing the vid. Do your hands get tried of building just asking but u did so amazing.

I love this song very much. Trending no.1. Najir is always ❤️❤️❤️. Yo movie ko lagi vayeni ticket katiyo Po Ghr ko YouTube ma kaile ho kaile Nepal gayerai herne ho my favorite puja n saugat. छान मराठी चित्रपट rock सगळे झाले shok👌👌. So True😊😊. New spect and love for Rahul and his team... This is a genius who came up with this.

My best song My best couple Best quality Aba nepali music videos ko pani ramro market chha Best of luck Ek Kaan Dui Kaan Maidaan - Aashish Sachin, Melina Rai, The Cartoonz Crew, Aanchal Sharma, Myakuri, Saroj Khanal, New Nepali Official Music Video 2019/2076. Awesome.