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Great video! Thank you for the hard work putting it together Alexandra. I really like the wildflower meadow concept however I am not keen on the particular blend of mini wildflower meadow bordered by traditional herbaceous borders. My eyes were inevitably drawn to the meadow flowers while all those beautiful herbaceous perennials in the borders disappeared in the background. I think I would prefer a different approach, perhaps a woodland garden and a wildflower meadow nearby, or a separate garden room dedicated to a wildflower meadow. Our backyard lawn is not well kept and would make a very good candidate for a wildflower meadow however it is walked on a great deal going to and from the storage shed, garden shed, garden beds, veg rockery garden, etc. Also our grandchildren are little and like to play games on the lawn such as croquet (yes, they love it) requiring a flat grassy space. The backyard lawn is a rough blend of clover, buffalo and weedy grasses, however it is mown regularly so we can walk on it and the kids can play on it. As we do care about the wildlife we provide for them in other ways. Insects and birds can find a range of flowers to forage in the various front, side and back garden beds (as well as the extensive clover and weeds thriving in the back yard lawn. I enjoyed this video which gave a very honest account of what is needed to create and maintain a mini wildflower meadow.

These lessons use gardens to teach a wide range of topics from grades K-8. These garden-based lessons are all aligned to the educational standards for the State of Georgia. They are listed by grade level, and in grades K-5 are further subdivided into earth science, life science, and physical science topics. Grade 6 lessons are aligned with the earth science topics required at that level, grade 7 has life science lessons, and grade 8 has physical science lessons. Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Eighth Grade.

About Me Hi! I'm Jeff Campbell. I am a husband, father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie. I was a leader for Whole Foods Market for over 2 decades and currently help run a large martial arts school (primarily) for kids. When I'm not spending time with my wife & 3 daughters, I can usually be found practicing martial arts, making music, blogging on my new blog over at or, blogging right here. Legal Information Middle Class Dad is owned and operated by Jeff Campbell/Middle Class Dad. Middle Class Dad is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Middle Class Dad also participates in affiliate programs with Siteground, Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale, and other sites. Middle Class Dad is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies, but in no way increases the cost to you if you opt to make a purchase from my links. The Middle Class Dad's Guide to Budgeting e-book - Only 15. 99 Get started saving your family's financial future today! Is your family struggling to make ends meet? More bills than income? Join the 61, 342 people who follow me and my posts each month! So if you're ready to get started saving, budgeting and getting your household's finances on track for your best year yet, click the image to learn more! Havent started your budget yet? Need some help getting started? For a limited time only, I am offering my services for creating your custom monthly budget! Just fill out a simple form with your info (submitted securely through Formsite) and Ill have a custom budget done for you within 72 hours! Click the image to learn more! You Can Do It.

The Garden of the Middle classiques.

The garden of the middle class movie

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It is my pleasure to welcome Georgie Lee back to the salon, on the matter of class! oOo- The Middle Class in Regency England The plot of my latest novel, A Debt Paid in Marriage, involves the daily lives of the middle class of London. The middle class consisted of prosperous tradesmen, merchants, bankers, solicitors, shop owners and anyone else who wasnt among the laboring classes, the poor or the aristocracy. It wasnt easy doing research, or uncovering the details of their everyday lives. The publics fascination with the rich and titled, which hasnt changed much in the two hundred years since the Regency, meant the scandals and habits of the ton were well documented in letters, newspaper articles, diaries and biographies. The newspapers werent as interested in the lives of drapers, unless there was something scandalous going on, which wasnt usually the case. Teasing out the details of how the merchants of London spent their days was difficult but fun. In many ways, the habits of the upper echelons of the middle class mimicked those of the wealthy. They had nice houses, they sent their sons to school, owned fancy coaches, and employed servants including footmen, cooks and a butler. It wasnt just the manners of the upper class they mimicked but their vices too. Prosperous merchants were known to frequent the gambling house of George Smith, George Po and Co in St. James Street. Here they could spend their hard earned money and risk landing themselves in debtors prison. In a time when ruin could mean a severe drop in the quality of life, or death by jail fever, and without the great manor houses, land and titles to prop up their fortunes, gambling was a risky habit for a merchant to acquire. Another expensive pastime was keeping a mistress, which men of the upper middle class, and sometimes even a solicitors apprentice, sometimes did. While the above pastimes were enjoyed by those of the middle class who possessed a great deal of money, the more middling sort lived much simpler lives. They worked for a living and had to concern themselves with matters of business if they wanted to remain in the middle class and not slip into poverty. Women played a much larger role in the merchant class, helping their husbands at the counters of shops and often running the business in the event of his death. The famous wine merchant Berry Bros. and Rudd was not only founded by a woman, but her daughter, Elizabeth Pickering, ran the business after her husbands death. Men who owned and ran inns expected their wives and daughters to help, as the famed country beauty Mary Butterworth in the North of England did before she fell prey to the charms of a bigamist. A merchants life could be an arduous one. Those in trade often began their careers at a young age, somewhere between eleven and fourteen, through an apprenticeship which could last up to seven years. This wasnt an idyllic time, but one of hard work and toil where they not only learned the business but did most of the menial dirty work. The tradesmen who took in apprentices had to look after them and provide room and board. These duties were on top of their numerous other responsibilities and worries, and they had a lot to worry about. Clients often failed to pay their bills, thieves were a constant problem and bankruptcy an ever present threat. Even if all went well where bills and shoplifters were concerned, the merchants day was a long one. Shops often opened early and might remain open until nearly ten oclock at night. It wasnt an easy life, but it offered more prosperity than those in previous generations had known. Industrious people in the middle class could do well for themselves and their families, provide opportunities for women, and if they made enough money, allow them to live like the other half. A Debt Paid in Marriage by Georgie Lee Available from Harlequin Historical March 1, 2015 Laura Townsend's plan to reclaim her family's merchandise backfires when she creeps into moneylender Philip Rathbone's house and threatens him with a pistol, only to find him reclining naked in his bath! The last thing she expects is to see this guarded widower on her doorstep a couple of days later armed with a very surprising proposal. A marriage of convenience may be Laura's chance to reclaim her future, but she won't settle for anything less than true passion. Can she hope to find it in Philip's arms? Buy Links About the Author lifelong history buff, award winning author Georgie Lee hasnt given up hope that she will one day inherit a title and a manor house. Until then, she fulfills her dreams of lords, ladies and a season in London through her stories. When not writing, she can be found reading non-fiction history or watching any movie with a costume and an accent. Please visit  to learn more about Georgie and her books. Social Media Links Website Written content of this post copyright Georgie Lee, 2015.

I really liked the zoomed walk through part with the music! That's legit. If you had a drone,if allowed, it would've completed a perfect walk through of this botanical garden! It reminded me of the TV show Cribs on MTV. Also, my favorite part was the family photo 😂😂😂😂 and I feel bad for the wives being scared 😞. The garden of the middle classic. The Garden of the Middle class 2. Get garden patio ideas here with our gallery of 29 patios surrounded by lush gardens of tall grasses, plants and trees. Most patios extend directly off the home.  However, one way to add functional and beautiful features to a home is to add small patios in or surrounded by gardens in the yard.  These can be in addition to a main patio or be the sole patio. While most people looking for garden patio ideas are looking for ways to create a patio in a garden, some people want ideas for adding garden features on an existing patio such as potted plants, bushes, planters and more. Other ways to incorporate gardens into a patio setting is by creating gardens around the edges of a patio. Whats great about most of our featured patios is they arent all that elaborate and relatively easy to create (without breaking your budget. Our garden patio gallery features all 3 types (in a garden, with garden elements on the patio and gardens wrapped around patios. The sky really is the limit when it comes to your options for creating sitting areas in your yard. Whether youre looking for patio ideas featuring patios with fire pits, small patio ideas, or patio decorating ideas…this special gallery is sure to inspire your next project! Find more backyard ideas in our definitive guide to backyards! Gravel patio situated in the middle of a sprawling yard with large outdoor dining table and chairs Stunning true-garden patio situated directly in the middle of a large flower bed Brick patio in the the middle of the yard with umbrella surrounded by lush gardens Click here for more fabulous patio ideas! Large brick patio surrounded by extensive gardens. Seating consists of large patio lounge seating. Flagstone patio with cellular turf design in the middle of the yard on the edge of a garden Patio surrounded by trees with large fireplace Flagstone patio with tall grass border and also bordered by sloping garden Small square patio surrounded by gardens and rock pathways Fabulous elevated garden patio surrounded by lush trees, grasses and plants Rock patio on edge of drop-off looking into forested ravine Grass dining patio surrounded by brick walkways and gardens Cross-shaped patio with plant beds surrounding the patio Gravel patio with lily pond and tall grasses Love these ideas, but not quite what youre envisioning? Be sure and check out our  special gallery of Sun Deck and Patio Designs! Large gazebo in the garden with plush modern patio furniture Small square brick patio surrounded by plants and small trees Fun patio in the middle of gardens with small patio table and umbrella. Hammock off to the side. Elaborate courtyard patio containing a series of gardens containing flowers and trees. Fountain in the middle. Stylish brick and rock patio among plants and trees with hammock Small stone patio loaded with potted plants and flowers Retaining walls  are another great way to contain and add beauty to your garden! Urban dining patio surrounded by gardens Incredible grass and garden patio in the middle of large pool For more incredible backyard pool designs,  click  here! Huge patio with garden inlays. While this is clearly not a residence, we included it because it shows a great way to incorporate gardens within or on a patio (if its large enough. Huge vine-covered gazebo in the middle of formal gardens We love the above vine covered gazebo!   Trellises are another great way to display and grow climbing plants. Brick patio with umbrella containing large pots with plants and flowers and surrounded by trees Traditional patio surrounded by plants, flowers and trees Small flagstone patio surrounded by small plants and trees Flagstone patios and walkways  add interest and function to any backyard space. Tropical garden patio surrounded by lush tropical plants and trees Collage of 9 pictures of gardens including garden patios Click here for our gallery of 24 incredible patio furniture sets. Main patio Gallery, Patio Fireplaces, Gazebo Designs, Wooden Decks, Swimming Pools (c) 2015 Home Stratosphere is an award-winning home and garden online publication thats a result of our talented researchers and writers who work directly with hundreds of professional interior designers, furniture designers, landscape designers and architects from around the world to create helpful, informative, entertaining and inspiring articles and design galleries.

Very useful, thanks. I'm thinking of turning my small front garden into a wildflower patch. I hadn't realised there were the two types. Excellent video. Thank you very much. Deep in the rolling farmland of Lancaster County sits an experiment meant to address two of the great, looming crises of American aging: loneliness and access to safe, affordable senior housing. The Thistledown Co-living House, built in New Holland a little more than a year ago with the help of community volunteers, is a way for lower-income seniors to share space and living expenses while having access to a large retirement community operated by Garden Spot Village, a senior housing provider affiliated with the Mennonite church. The 4, 000-square-foot house has private bedrooms and bathrooms for five people, along with spacious common areas, including a modern kitchen, living room and adjacent meeting room, and a loft. One bedroom is empty due to a recent death, but the others are filled by four women in their 70s who are healthy enough to live independently. Strangers when they moved in, they now call themselves the “sisters of Thistledown. ” They wistfully mention their friend who died. “I always prayed for a sister, ” she told them, “and now I have four. ” MARGO REED / Staff Photographer A new coliving home for five lower-income seniors at Garden Spot Village in New Holland. It's considered a prototype. That kind of connection was what CEO Steve Lindsey hoped for when he began toying with the idea of co-living at Garden Spot Village. He sees isolation, which is often worsened by poverty, as a health risk that shortens life. “We believe firmly that were all created to live in community … that we are our best selves when were living in healthy relationship with other people. Two experts on senior living said Thistledown is unusual even though the industry knows affordability is a problem as a wave of baby boomers enters older age. A report released in the journal Health Affairs in April estimated that 7. 8 million Americans aged 75 and up will be unable to afford assisted living in 2029. Aging experts have been pushing for models that address the needs of the “middle market, ” people who make too much for government help, but cant afford the kind of upscale senior housing that is common in Philadelphia and its suburbs. Get the news you need to start your day Marc Cohen, co-director of the LeadingAge LTSS Center @UMass Boston, said the Garden Spot Village pilot program is appealing because it combats isolation, likely will make residents feel safer, and allows residents to split costs. Beth Burnham Mace, chief economist for the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing and Care (NIC) expects to see many new models of shared living as boomers age, including more intergenerational family living and sharing space with younger people such as college students. She and her friends have talked about retiring together in a big house. “This might be the beginning of some of these alternatives, ” she said. The model won a design award earlier this year from Senior Housing News. Lindsey said Kansas State University got a grant to allow architecture students to study Thistledown. While many older people say they want to age in place, Lindsey thinks that reflects naïveté about the challenges of aging, especially isolation. Aiming to fix a flaw in the Golden Girls Hed been reading about big co-living projects aimed at millennials, many of whom like the idea of sharing space and paying lower rent, and he remembered The Golden Girls, a TV show about four mature women living together in a big house. The problem with sharing a house in older age, he thought, was that everyone is at the mercy of the homeowners health. What if Garden Spot Village were the landlord? Established in 1996, Garden Spot is a nonprofit, continuing-care retirement community that provides apartments, freestanding homes, assisted living, and skilled nursing care for close to 1, 000 people. Residents pay an entry fee of 90, 000 to 450, 000, and rent for independent living ranges from 1, 300 to 2, 626 a month. Higher levels of care are much more expensive. Amenities include restaurants, exercise equipment, activities, food grown on site, a wood shop, and well-maintained grounds and common spaces. Opportunities to volunteer abound because Garden Spot wants to foster a sense of purpose. MARGO REED / Staff Photographer Steve Lindsey, CEO of Garden Spot Village, discusses the coliving house at his retirement community's visitor center. Nearly 1, 000 seniors live in Garden Spot Village. Lindsey was well-aware that many older people, who dont have homes to sell for the entry fee and live on Social Security payments alone, cannot afford Garden Spot Village, a mission-driven organization meant to “enrich the lives of older adults as an expression of Christs love. ” He saw a need for more socioeconomic diversity. Initially, he wanted to serve older people eligible for government subsidies but quickly decided that the government was already oversubscribed and uninterested in new providers. This would have to be a community project that challenged the middle-class idea that we each need our own home. People do, in fact, really want their own bedroom and bathroom, he decided, but what they really need is each other. It helps that Garden Spot is in a community rich with builders, including volunteers with Mennonite Disaster Services. Many of Lindseys residents have worked on building projects for disaster areas and for Habitat for Humanity. Volunteers and clubs offered to help. When it came time to build the house, Franklin and Marshall College sent a couple busloads of freshmen over as part of their orientation. It cost around 300, 000 to build Thistledown, about half what it would have cost without volunteers. Garden Spot and other organizations paid for the building. Courtesy of Garden Spot Village Residents of Garden Spot Village volunteered to build walls for the new coliving house. Residents must have incomes of 25, 000 or less — the average Social Security payment in the U. S. is 1, 404 a month or 16, 848 a year — and pay 30% as rent. Lindsey says thats enough to cover monthly costs, with some left over for home maintenance. Obviously, those numbers would present problems for organizations that operate in more expensive, less volunteer-oriented areas. Mace doubts that this particular model will appeal to for-profit providers. “Clearly, theres a subsidy going on here, ” she said. Nonprofits with a source of income might be another matter. ‘I guess I was just tired of being alone Residents of Thistledown, who come from New Holland and nearby towns, are responsible for keeping the place clean, and Garden Spot maintains the grounds. The residents buy and cook their own food, although they can also purchase meals at Garden Spot Villages restaurants. They have access to exercise facilities and activities. Three of the four women living in the house work and have cars. In the year the house has been open, two residents have died — one got hospice services at Thistledown — and a third decided to move elsewhere. Rose Marie Sheaffer, 78, who used to live above a flower shop, liked the co-living idea as soon as someone from her church mentioned it. It feels safer to her. Ruth Dunlap, 74, who had a house in Ronks, and Esther Courtney, 70, who had a townhouse in Lancaster, were considerably less enthused when relatives told them about the new program. In time, though, the work and money needed for home ownership became less appealing. And the new Garden Spot place, with its big windows and granite counter tops, looked awfully nice. "I guess I was just tired of being alone, and I'm not alone here. Courtney said. "It was a good move. MARGO REED / Staff Photographer Ruth Dunlap reads a book in her room at Thistledown. Each was assigned to a Garden Spot Village resident who helped them make friends in the broader community across the street. Sheaffer doesnt go there much, except with friends from church, but Dunlap uses the pool and exercise equipment, goes to the movies, and frequents the library. Social worker Jackie Berrios is available to referee disputes, but all agreed there hasn't been much need for that. Berrios also vets new residents while giving the current residents a say about possible housemates. After a male resident died, the remaining women decided they wanted their house to be all-female. If someone's health declines, it will be Berrios who decides when they have to leave. There is no guarantee of higher-level care at Garden Spot Village. Shelves in the refrigerator and in cupboards are labeled with residents names. Courtney brought along a refrigerator and freezer, which greatly eased food crowding. MARGO REED / Staff Photographer Shelves in the fridge are divided among people who live in Garden Spot Village's first coliving home. The women have not had to make lists of rules. Sometimes they cook and eat together. Sometimes they dont. It has been easy, they said, to share the washing machine and cleaning duties. They just talk it out. Theyve cohosted big family parties, and they ate a Thanksgiving dinner together the weekend after the holiday. They got permission to decorate three Christmas trees. Aware that the house is a showplace for Garden Spot Village, theyre still working out how much they can personalize the common spaces, which have the bland feel of a model home. Lindsey realizes that Thistledown is just a drop in a very big bucket, but he thinks its a start. Theres a bean field next to Thistledown that he hopes will soon be home to several more co-living houses. He thinks there is also demand from people with higher incomes. “We look at it as a prototype, ” he said, “and we think it is scalable. ”.

Great info, beautiful lady and love your accent. Ya got me inspired. The Garden of the Middle classes. Sab documents dekhe Bina book mat Karna. Hey man nice video! You sent Chris the wool right? New friend here 😁.

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The garden of the middle classroom. The Garden of the Middle class x. This may seem like a silly question! But why do you need to cut/scythe the meadow! Naturally that would not occur (unless grazing. My favorite spot is the brick green house. The structure looks so old and cool. Let's Gooo.


Yes, this lady yells the true, if you don't weed. Than the result after a few months is very ugly in mid Summer. Its look not floral naturel anymore. Why? If there a animale in nature the Eat the gras, many grass and Eat flowers when the time is right. pheasant, partridge, little birds, wild horses, goose, rabbit and roe. And these nature workers, are working a hole year also in winter. Digging and eating. In or own garden there is no horses and most gardens have no chickens and goose. These animals or wild animals are also spreading the plants. Where one animal digs before, becomes space for A new plant. So yes you have to work for it.

Executive Summary Fescue & Sons Yard Care is a residential lawn care service targeting rural middle-class homes with large yards which the owners cannot care for well on their own. Over the last three years, the prices for homes in the nearby urban area have skyrocketed. Many families in our targeted income bracket have chosen to buy larger parcels in the nearby countryside, rather than spending huge amounts on small lots in the city. However, many of them are unprepared for the level of care such large lawns require, and end up with small gardens near the house, and overgrown acreage further away. Fescue & Sons Yard Care will start out as a partnership, owned jointly and equally by Red and Kikuyu Fescue. For the last five years, Red has worked as head landscaper at ABC Landscaping. He now has the design and lawn-care expertise, as well as the management experience, to begin his own business. Kikuyu is a graphic designer and master gardener. Her skills will be extremely useful in creating the look of our marketing materials, from brochures to business cards to newspaper ads. She will continue to work in her current job while Red manages the day-to-day details of the company. Over the first summer, Red will be the primary employee, with some part-time help from his son, Rye. Rye has worked with Red at ABC landscaping and will continue to help out at Fescue & Sons in the summers. In the coming spring, we will hire an additional landscaper for seasonal work, and may hire another if demand warrants. In mid-summer of Year 2 we will purchase additional equipment, including a second trailer or used truck. As a business with largely seasonal profits, we will use the high summer revenues to support the business through the winter's leaner months. We will have a modest profit in the first year, but expect profits over 8, 000 in the second fiscal year and over 10, 000 in the third year. 1. 1 Objectives Our objectives for the first three years of operation are to: Create a service-based company whose primary goal is to exceed customers' expectations. Obtain contracts for yard service in at least 30 different residential homes. Increase our number of clients served by 3% per year. Develop a sustainable home business, being maintained by its own cash flow. 1. 2 Mission The mission of Fescue & Sons Yard Care is to provide top-quality residential and commercial yard care service.  We will strive to attract and maintain customers by providing services in the most timely manner to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers. 1. 3 Keys to Success Experienced landscaper with excellent customer-service skills Commitment to high quality and professionalism in every task and encounter Small size, allowing direct management oversight of every project and employee.

The garden of the middle class schedule. Nice for visit to my place also... Abstract Between 1850 and 1920 the roles of women were dramatically transformed. As participation in public activities became more socially, politically, and economically feasible, changes in domestic life limited the ability of many middle-class women to take advantage of these opportunities. The three processes of suburbanization, growth of social mobility, and an industrial economy increasingly based on domestic consumption, including innovations in household technology, all had the potential to unburden and enrich women's lives. Interrelationships among the three processes, however, worked to the detriment of some middle-class women with limited financial resources. A structurationist perspective is used to examine the interrelationships between social processes that affected women and the responses of individual women to these processes. The role of ideology, which made it acceptable for some middle-class women to do domestic work in 1920, whereas the opposite was true in 1850, is singled out for special attention. 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The Garden of the Middle classic.

The garden of the middle class crossword. The garden of the middle class names.

The garden of the middle class chicago

Excellent 145 Very good 84 Average 30 Poor 13 Terrible 9 Families Couples Solo Business Friends Mar-May Jun-Aug Sep-Nov Dec-Feb All languages English (201) Italian (25) Hebrew (12) More languages Show reviews that mention All reviews modern design underground parking spacious bathroom close to the city center pleasant hotel hotel is located piata romana downtown bucharest old town marshall colorfully conference metro toilet pros balconies cons Reviewed September 13, 2017 Stayed in the Marshal Garden Hotel for 5 nights on a business trip. The hotel is a bit difficult to find, but it's located close to the center of town (around 20-30 minutes walking distance. The rooms are decorated nicely, spacious, extremely clean and the balcony is always a nice touch (although mine was looking over some ruins. The staff was always looking to accommodate our needs and was very helpful. Breakfast was ok, but could be a lot better for a 5* hotel. However, on our first 2 nights, there were some events happening in the upper roofs (weddings. and the music and noise were intolerable. The beds were not to my liking, the pillows were too soft and I couldn't get any rest. The lighting trick in the corridors was interesting at first, but it became annoying after a couple of days. Moreover, the lighting on the room was not adequate, even with all lights on. Room tip: Avoid having lunch in the 6th floor restaurant, service is very slow and portions are too small. Date of stay: August 2017 Trip type: Traveled on business Sleep Quality Cleanliness Service Ask Nick H about Marshal Garden Hotel Thank Nick H This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC. Andrew H Bristol, England, United Kingdom Reviewed September 9, 2017 I spent 7 nights at this hotel on a business trip. I must say, I was very pleasantly surprised! It's tucked away up a side-street in a nice part of the city, so it can be confusing to Uber/Taxi drivers (but there are plenty of signs. The room itself was very nice (the beds are VERY comfortable. The room has a balcony which is always a plus in my book. I'm looking forward to staying there again Date of stay: August 2017 Trip type: Traveled on business Location Sleep Quality Service Ask Andrew H about Marshal Garden Hotel Thank Andrew H This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC. 902nadad Dubai, United Arab Emirates Reviewed August 21, 2017 via mobile Excellent service, super spacious rooms, incredibly clean and a nice view of the garden from our window. Avoid the hotel restaurant! I repeat, avoid the hotel's restaurant! Stayed here twice in one month. Date of stay: August 2017 Trip type: Traveled with friends Ask 902nadad about Marshal Garden Hotel Thank 902nadad This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC. Reviewed August 17, 2017 We have planned our wedding at Marshal Garden hotel. The Event Manager, Ms Cristina Nica, is absolutely wonderful, helpful and very professional. Every request we had was honored fast and with a great attitude. The hotel rooms are very comfortable and well equiped, the Panoramic room where we had our wedding was perfectly setup, as for the service offered by the waiters, as a german person would say " i have nothing to complain about. which is a good compliment for people who do not know germans. Nevertheless, the event was awesome and we thank Cristina and the rest of the staff at Marshall Garden for arranging this event for us. Date of stay: August 2017 Trip type: Traveled with friends Value Cleanliness Service Ask 565emanuels about Marshal Garden Hotel Thank 565emanuels This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC. Petra_Somnea Bucharest, Romania Reviewed August 8, 2017 Very nice hotel, modern and colorful. Good location in the center of the city. Rooms are big and modern decorated. We celebrated our son's baptism to the hotel's restaurant. Staff was very helpful with everything we needed even if it was not their job. Especially, the manager helped us with all kind of information and recommendation so our party to be perfect. Date of stay: August 2017 Trip type: Traveled on business Value Cleanliness Service Ask Petra_Somnea about Marshal Garden Hotel Thank Petra_Somnea This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC. View more reviews.

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you're not a robot. For best results, please make sure your browser is accepting cookies. Type the characters you see in this image: Try different image Conditions of Use Privacy Policy 1996-2014, Inc. or its affiliates. What a lovely video - those meadows are SO pretty. I'll bet the pictures don't do them justice. Very inspiring Alexandra. Beautiful location with affordable homes Just 5555 per month. The garden of the middle classes. The garden of the middle class video.

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