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What is an official fever temperature. Fever official trailer. Official fever definition. "Fever" tells the story of two school boys who, out of nowhere, decide to murder a random woman they never met before. The crime leaves the neighborhood shaken and the two boys in problems to make sense of their own actions.
I really like the general idea behind the film and I think that there is a lot of potential to make a great story out of it. Unfortunately this film comes with both philosophical theories that don't always add up in my opinion and an increasing amount of insanity that makes it quite hard to still follow the plot and emphasize with the characters. The production looks valuable and I do get the feeling that a lot of thought was put into this work but nonetheless I think that a more clean and in a way brutal approach would have benefitted the movie.
All in all this is still a film based on a very interesting idea and very professionally carried out. However it wastes some potential by shifting the focus away from the general concept to sometimes very strange dialogues and metaphors.

Official fever temperature.