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One of the other reviewers seems to think the director starred in the film as the main actor, and spells the director's name wrong the entire time. It prompted me to log in and review this film from the perspective of someone who actually knows Iranian cinema.
It's refreshing and funny in a way that few internationally notable Iranian films are. The movie is centered around Hasan, a movie director trying to adjust to a new reality as his fame declines while banned from working. Meanwhile, a serial killer is targeting notable film directors and beheading them, carving the word "pig" onto their foreheads. Hasan is an overgrown mama's boy and deals with his increasing irrelevancy poorly, finding himself wishing he could be the target of this serial killer so he can feel important again.
The film speaks volumes about the current role of social media in Iran and the impact it has had on culture. Justice, common opinion, even fact is decided by a society which now lives online and is obsessed with false idols.
There are comedic and tense moments throughout the film, and you find yourself both rooting for and against the protagonist. I would definitely recommend this film to someone just barely getting into Iranian cinema. Definitely a good film to help dip your toes in.

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