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5 100 ?😂. I saw one of those trying to pull an M1 onto the road from a tank trail. It fried the front tires until it grabbed traction. A smokey front wheels burnout. L'armée US à des super camion militaires et la jeep m 151 à 2 de chez Ford année 1980. 0:26 doesn't even go THROUGH the mud... Trailers built in West Plains Mo.


I was a HET driver for many years in the US Army. Oh gosh 3:31 Are the wheels supposed to bend like that? lol. Love this machines and them design - looks realy strong and nasty!guys,when you came toward me with that,you won the war - and these is only an Truck...

At this point just drive the tank there

Anyone know the towing and weight capacity of the truck and trailer. This looks like Long Valley, just outside Aldershot - I'm sure I remember the very orange mud at about 3 mins. Now what game does this remind you of. P. King Off Road? Never. Het no registration Download Het Wraakprotocol Megashare Watch Het English Film. Cool I want one equipped with a trailer and tank. You might still hear creaking and bending of the trailer because of the weight of the tank.

Het WraakPrOtocoL Watch.


I thought the video was great cool trailer.