I love it. The penguin french phrasebook. LMAO, THIS OUGHT YO BE GOOD. dempenguins #Madagascar ♥♥★★. So far. Ive seen 2 one armed steroid freaks in Arkham City. One is this dude in the trailer and the other one is the clown in steroids. Man, Arkham City is filled with 1 armed steroids freaks. Oh what's next? A brand new 1 armed steroid freak working for two-face.

Penguin math counters. Original penguin the murphy. Omg i just cant get it that Nolan North is voicing the penguin! He can sound like anybody. If u noticed penguin and joker's armies were completely equal joker had hammer penguin had scikle. Penguin had grundy joker had clayface. joker had a whole district penguin had a whole district. Penguin had wepons from strange joker had wepons from strange. I wonder who would have won the war. The secret garden penguin. At 1:09 thats what my friend do to me when I prove her right XD. The moment you realize penquin isnt wearing a monocle. but has a broken beer bottle stuck in his eye. mind = blown.

This reminds me of 'Penguins of Madagascar' opening scene. The Penguin counters. The narrators voice😍. The Penguin counters website counter. Good trailer. The joker gas doesnt kill them it makes them unconscious. Antarctica, home to the deadly leopard seal,the mighty killer whale, and Steve. 😂. The original penguin glasses. Penguin the doyle sunglasses. @ubnova None of you seem to understand. I'm not locked in here with you. You're locked in here with me. The original penguin clothing.