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The Swiss Miss Massacre Free stream of consciousness. D Wuchä isch umä, s Geld und de Film au. P. The Swiss Miss Massacre Free stream.nbcolympics. "Das Missen Massaker" in English something like "The Massacre of the Misses" is a fantastic and often funny horror parody of beauty contests. It's like "Miss Congeniality" meets "Scream" meets "Scary Movie" since the murderer wears a mask like the bad guy(s) in "Scream. And not only one mask: Once he is Freddy Kruger, another time Jason, Michael Myers or Pinhead.
In Switzerland, after the first week, Das Missen Massaker" isn't a huge success, yet. Maybe because it's not really a Swiss movie but an American movie made in the wrong country (that's of course my opinion.
I really hope that the movie finds its way to American screens.

Ich wills luege. The swiss miss massacre free stream watch. Watch?v=1iaIZ4P9NCw Werum muss dSchwiiz alles kopiere.

Find's mega, dass die schweizer militärs immer möglichst korrekt und zuvorkommend bleiben

Ehm... meh? die frau wo die pille gno hed isch voll high und isch ufemene trip, schluss endlich wacht sie im bett uf und isch nüme high... so en eifachi story. The Swiss Miss Massacre Free. The Swiss Miss Massacre Free stream new. The swiss miss massacre free stream full. The swiss miss massacre free stream video. XD lachflasch XD. Hans dänk eifach so gschriebe :D. DER FILM VO ACHTUNG,FERTIG,CHARLIE ISCH DÄ HAMMER. The Swiss Miss Massacre Free streams.

The movie is really nice, especially for a Swiss movie. It's a comedy, horror and I did enjoy it.
I saw the movie at the television (RSI) dubbed in Italian. When I searched for the DVD the only language available was German. No French, English or Italian subtitles. Even if the Italian dub exist they decide that others language weren't necessary, like in a lot of other Swiss movie on DVD.
The thing that makes me mad is that we are a 4 national language Country but seems that even Swiss people don't care at all about it.
I will love to support this little movie buy buying the DVD but I don't speak German, like a lot of Swiss people and most of the rest of the world. This is just a stupid businesses move: instead of trying to promote the movie in the majority of languages and Country as possible they just release the DVD in one language (keep i mind that subtitles and other languages dub already exist for this movie. br> Any way, the movie is nice, unfortunately if you don't speak German you have to find a non legit copy around the net.

HA HA HA die ander isch geil mit : vereket. love it. Sone scheiss. The swiss miss massacre free stream live. Än Sau Blöde Film Mit Sau blöde Wiber wo gjagt werdet vomene Sehr ungschickte Mörder Zum lache allemahl aber ich luegen Keis 2 Mahle Aber isch luschtig gsi en Film für Zwüsched durre. Geiilse film ever. Wenigstens noch einer der normal ist. Känned ihr de da? Mir Senne heis luschtig Originalversion. The Swiss Miss Massacre Free stream. Teil 2. ★★★★★ Geschichte. Swiss horror comedy movie whose story is mediocre but entertaining.
The film also occasionally quotes horror movie classics.
In addition to acting quite passable, it makes a good and entertaining movie.
6/10. SGwehr hani na xD. The swiss miss massacre free stream youtube.

The swiss miss massacre free stream videos. The swiss miss massacre free stream online. Ab 1:07. De Teiler isch guet glunge: Macht Gluschtig. Mues mer de negscht wuchä inezie... Wie heisst der Creditsong von dem Film? Suche ihn schon die ganze Zeit aber kann ihn einfach nicht finden.