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The Case of the Krimi



As a nation We cant agree on brexit but we all can agree that maddies parents are liying... 40 seconds in and my stomach is churning! 🤢. Incredible movie, I'm speechless trying to describe this masterpiece, this is one of those rare gems in cinematography that is one of a kind. NOOOOOOOOOO WHY DID YOU COME EMILY JENKINS? THAT CHILD DESERVED IT. Made in china : comments Caseloot like. . When you watch the opening clips of her as a little baby, honestly I burst out crying. She is so beautiful. Every child should be save and loved and it breaks my heart to think that this is just not the case.

Hahaha Made my day. Der Trailer dafür lief im Fernseher als ich in der Klapse war. Who else is looking for Kunal Khemu is the most underrated actor comments. 😂😂. Der trailer reicht mir ia schon, wie krank ist den das. This is a great movie.


The amount of people that actually believe the parents did it. blow my mind. कोई देखे या नहीं मैं तो देखूँगा I like hatke movie मज़ा आ गया ट्रेलर देखके गजब का पंच है डायलॉग में ख़ासकर net geo का क्या background है 😜😂🤣😂🤣😂. Das sie die eine Patientin geopfert hat um ihren eigenen Hintern zu retten fand ich voll doof.

It's interesting how in the trailer Lilly is haunted by demons but in the movie it's revealed that she's the demon. People who havent watch the movie: dude this People are crazy people who have watch the movie: ok nvm PUT HER BACK IN THE OVEN. Ima just get the free trial on hulu for this movie. Was expecting Voldemort to come in and shout NYEAHHHHH. Für jeden der auf Psychothriller steht ist dieser Film ein muss! Es gibt sogar eine kleine Überraschung in der Besetzung.

I strongly suspect Cody's mom has social issues of her own. She describes her son's horrifying acts and behavior with zero emotion. In a few instances she's even wearing a little smile. It's creepy. she doesn't seem devastated. She doesn't seem to feel bad for the suffering the animals endured. It's almost like she only took part in getting her kid help because others insisted, and she's just along for the ride. And, WHY on earth would you agree to watch your mother's 3 lb. Yorkie, when you've ALREADY witnessed your kid microwave his own cat, ffs? 😱😱😱. Kunal Khemu is like the James Franco of Hindi movies. He is great in situational comedies. Wish there were more filmmakers to utilise his talent.