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Denmark Mysteriet om danskeren


Michael Caine is bound to make an appearance in every Nolan film.


Thanks for uploading. Are this professional actors.


Doesn't look Pattinson, looks like a John David Washington performance to me. Cheers. Yo guys my name is jay ingram, i wrote a song for all you fans of the horror genre called MASTERS OF HORROR. I wrote this simply for fun and because i love horror but i tried to incorperate as many of your famous and favourite characters into the song. If you have the time please feel free to check it out and feel free to leave me a comment if you approve of are welcome Thank you.

Conoces a Joe Black? Es una historia fascinante, de una estética exquisita, realmente bella.

Yes yes yes! Thank you. was a great movie... i love creepie movies. creepy. 👻😨

This has to be the only youtuber in the world who actually plays movies and doesn't rip people off! 😀 Thank you. Thats one way to save on more expensive special effects. Lol when that plane was going down all he had to do was run sideways to get to safety, but no he decided to run to where the plane was going down. Hollywood logic at its best.