For macos heaven's rain free. I saw Heaven's Rain just a week after it was released in theaters. I was apprehensive, because I knew the subject matter is horrible and sad and I was not sure If I could stomach that kind of story. But, I was very impressed and satisfied overall with the delicate manner that Brooks Douglass used to tell this story. The acting was believable and deep. The story was carefully and gently told, focusing on a meaningful message. Regardless of personal opinions about the events, it is besides the point to me. This film was just as measurably good of a film as so many out there and far better than many of them. This is definitely a good and heartfelt film that kept me interested and caring. It was not too slow, and certainly not at breakneck speed. it just moves and feels. It is delicately dealt adaption to this real life story and I really enjoyed it and hope to see it again to absorb the fine performances, and to appreciate it again.

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